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Free Furniture

We have listed all of the free furniture that you can pick up that's laying around in Wizard101 Worlds!

Wizard City


* Tiny Door - Shopping District, Pet Shop, to the right of the shop keeper - Tiny Door

* Lynx Painting - Ravenwood, Myth School, on right wall

* Open Book - Triton Avenue, Harvest Lord Tower

* Brain In a Jar - Haunted Cave, Lord Nightshade Tower

* Pen & Ink - Firecat Alley: Anna Flamewright's house

* Tall Ladder - Fire Chamber: Dig Site, at the far end next to ramp - Tall Ladder

* Hiroglyhic Fire - Karnahan Barracks

* Bowl of Tomatoes - Krokosphinx, next to the shop vendor

* Tall Pumpkin - Hall of Champions, next to Rami

* Sledgehammer - Throne Room of Fire, near Private Farnsworth



* Coil of Rope - Spiral Chamber, behind a column once you arrive

* Green Food Cart - Digmore Station, right when you arrive

* Dog Poster - Scotland Yard, wall behind Officer McGruff, opposite of elevator

* Discarded Newspaper - Scotland Yard Roof, on the floor once you arrive there

* Small Rock - Kishibe Village, next to Tu Luk Kmo

* Samurai Bust - Hamestu Village, inside one of the fires on the house porches

* Yellow Kimono - Jade Palace, inside Emperor's Palace, on your left back wall

* Serpent Table - Shirataki Temple: in Plague Oni's room, on your right back wall

* Stone Obelisk - Spiral Chamber: behind spiral door once you arrive in Dragonspyre



* Dragonskull Obelisk - Dragonspyre Library, next to Robe & Hat keeper

* Lava Fountain - The Basilica, Next to Zeke

* Pillory - Plaza of Conquest, Sandor Spellcaller's Tower

Water Mole Tribal Shield - Floating Land
Open Campfire - Science Center
Chained Kraken Statue - Stormriven Hall
Spiral Crab Table - The Grotto, Coral Castle
Coral Crab Lamp - The Crustacean Empire, Predator Mako's Hideout
Celestian Legion Statue - Portico



Gorilla Hut - Drum Jungle

Elephant Queen Painting - Black Palace Behind Tse-Tse Snakeeyes

Old Pelt Rug - Waterfront 

Purple Jewel Pile - Waterfront, Belloq's Tent

Stone Lion Statue - Savannah

Tallow Candles - Baobab Crossroads 

Archery Target - Abbey Road
Avalon Crafting Anvil - Dun Dara 
Forest Painting - Caer Lyon
Red Toadstool - The Wild
Stone Bird Feeder - Outer Yard


Bear-Prowed Rowboat - Stavarstaad Pass
Grandmother Raven Statue - Mirkholm Keep, Caves
* Raven Brazier - Ravenscar, The Citadel


* Net Drying Rack - Austrilund

Stack of Logs - Hundrle Fjord



Dragonship Painting - Wysteria Ring & Amulet Shop

Estate Painting - Tanglewood Way

* Proud Pegasus Statue - Pegasus Place

Small Wooden Clock -Wysteria Equilibrium Classroom

* Spiral Tree - Tanglewood Way

* Quetzal Cage - Black Sun Pyramid Lower Chamber, Three Points

* Fish Basket - Mozar Turtle Hunter's Tomb, Mangrove Marsh

* Tomato Basket - Ship Hold, Saltmeadow Swamp

* Sigil Leaf - Alto Alto

* Orange Basket - Floating Mountains

..And more to find!



* Olympian Herb; Aquila

* Grand Statue of Zeus; Mt. Olympus

* Banner of Apollo; Sun Chamber, Mt. Olympus

* Atlantea Grand Monument; Atlantea

* Atlantean Arch; Atlantea

* Nine Fathoms Pedestal; Atlantea

* Underworld Brazier; Tartarus

* Ember Stone of Tartarus; Tartarus

* Hades the Unseen Mural; Tartarus

* Pirate Chessboard; Skull Rock, Crescent Beach

* Mantis Vase; Sardonyx

* Wood Pile; Burrow Hut, Kondra Desert

* Chair; Mutation Chamber B, The Hive

* Shadow Banner; Chamber of the Shadow Smith, Palace of Fangs, The Hive

* Morganthe Banner; Morganthe's Chamber, Shadow Palace


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