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Which Fish In Which Tank?

A lot of people get confused when it comes to tanks and which one is good for them to buy.

This is why I created this guide, so you won't lose any crowns wasting it on the wrong tanks that you don't even need.

The Fish Size

How do you know which fish is Small Fry, Keeper, or a Whopper?

In your Fish Basket, you will see icons next to the fish you catch. This will show you which fish are either Keeper, Small Fry or Whopper.

The Length Size

The Body Type

There are three weight sizes of fish -

Small Fry, Keeper, Whopper as in Small, Medium, Large.

It's a fisherman's expression to describe the fish's weight size. It's also how you describe the fish breaking length records.

"You got a Whopper right thar!"

There are three body types of fish -

Regular, Large, Tall as in Average, Wide or Tall.

Sun Ray is for example very wide or Cuddlefish is very tall.

So you gotta figure out what tank would suit them best. You don't want to make them feel or look cramped.

The Tank Size

If you want to know how to tell what tank a fish needs, the tank icon will be in the bottom right of the fish in your Angler's Tome.

Tall Fish

For Any Tall Fish - any fish that has a Tall body type

Any Jellyfish

  • Cuddlefish
  • Devil Ray
  • Flying Saucer Ship
  • PharoahMari
  • Vampire Squid

Large Fish

For Any Large Fish - any fish that has a Large body type

Sun Ray

  • Tongue Fish

Regular Fish aka Keeper Fish

To clarify, Keeper means Regular, so yes it's the same thing. So if you see a tank labeled as Regular, it means that it's for Keeper Fish.

For example: a Keeper Sun Ray will fit in the a Regular Aquarium.

For Any Regular/Keeper Fish - any fish that is not tall or large.

  • Any Cudas
  • Any Dekois
  • Any School of Fish
  • Any Armored Guard
  • Any Eggshellfish
  • Any Grunion
  • Basking in the Sun Shark
  • Bearded Trout
  • Be Mine Fish
  • Black Catfish
  • Boar Fish
  • Bone Fish
  • Boss Hog
  • Brain Sturgeon
  • Bubba Fish
  • Catfish
  • Chameleon Fish
  • Channel Bass
  • Codfather
  • Cold Cod
  • Cranky Catfish
    • Doodlefish
    • Doodlefishette
    • Dragon Eel
    • Dragonfly Fish
    • Dragonling Fish
    • Ember Parrot
    • Errol Finn
    • ExecuShiner
    • False Catshark
    • Fish and Chips
    • Fish Sandwich
    • Four Eyed Grouper
    • Frankenfish
    • Freshlava Smelt
    • Gargoyle
    • Garrrfish
    • Gobblerfish
    • Goldfin-ger
    • Hammerhead Shark
    • Hard Albacore
    • Humunukapua
    • Jackson Pollock
    • Jaws
  • Jolted Dekoi
  • Kid Carp
  • Kroktopian Eel
  • Labyrinth Fish
  • Little Mackerel
  • Mechanical Armorhead
  • Mistletoe Angler
  • Mullet Fish
  • Musushi
  • Nibbler
  • Ninja Fish
  • Oil Drum
  • Origami Fish
  • Owl-Eyed Pike
  • Pickled Herring
  • Pit Bull Shark
  • Rainbow Trout
  • Rambofin Fish
  • Royal Gurnard
  • Rune Fish
  • Sam Bass
  • Samurai Fish
  • ShamrockFish
  • Sharkspeare
  • Shiner
  • Silver Streak
  • Soul Searcher
  • SpringFish
  • Spyre Eel
  • Sturgeon General
  • Sumo Koi
  • Tattoo Fish
  • Todd Pole
  • Treant Fish
  • Troll Trout
  • Undead Spyre Eel
  • Warhammerhead Shark
  • Yakoi
  • Yuletoy Fish
  • Hammerhead Shark
  • Mechanical Armorhead
  • Mullet Fish
  • Origami
  • Samurai
  • Sharkspeare