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Guide To Fishing in Wizard101

Fishing has come to Wizard101! You can now fish for rare fish and became the best fishing wizard in the spiral! You can place fish in your own Aquarium at your homes. You can sell them for gold. They're even used in Tapestry recipes. There's many uses for them!

Lucky Hookline will give you your first Fishing quest! He'll teach you and ask you to collect fishes for your quests! If you are Level 7 and higher, he will have a quest available for you called
"A River Runs Through It."

You will find the plucky Pelican in Wizard City's Commons behind the Fountain.

So why should you fish? Well, you can purchase brand new Aquarium in the Crown Shop which will actually give you three different tanks where you can put your favorite fish in. Each tank can hold ONE fish. Not only that, you can sell the excess fish for gold! Also if you get lucky, you could reel in chests that will give you gold, even wands and more! If you cannot afford to buy the Aquarium from Crown Shop, you can craft it from Frode SilverScale in Northguard, Grizzleheim.

How To Fish

First click on the Fish icon above your book.

Pick any Lure that you would like to use. For your first quest, you should use the Frost lure for Ice based Fishes that your quest needs.
Try to throw the lure on top of the fish and wait for the button to change to "Cast Spell" to lure them back. However, make sure the lure is completely underwater. Sometimes the fish will tease you and it'll bob the lure to trick you. Be patient. When the lure is completely underwater, quickly click the Cast Spell button to reel them in!

Lucky Hookline

Lucky also sells basic school lures and spells! Those lures will cost you 3 Mana every time you successfully catch a fish.

All Lesser School Lures - Catch a Fish with (school) Lure - Costs 3 Mana - Rank 2 - 100 Gold

Reveal Fish - Reveal the Location of All Fish - Costs 1 Mana - Rank 2 - 1000 Gold

Yoo hoo, fishy, I see you!

Reveal Fish School - Reveal the Magic School of all Fish - Costs 3 Mana - Rank 2 - 1000 Gold

Fishy, you can't fool me, I know which school you belong to!

Your Fishing XP Bar

Want to know what fish is where? Click the below button.

Over time, you will figure out which fish belongs to what school, so you can match the school lure to it as its bait. But I suggest that you should buy the Reveal Fish School spell from Lucky Hookline. This way, you can find out what school fish is available in the water near you. Also every time you successfully catch a Fish, you will earn Fishing XP. Yep, you gain xp, ranks and you even earn badges! To view what rank and your Fishing XP, simply click on the Fish icon above your book. Then you will see your XP bar on the top of the game screen. Remember, the Fish Icon only becomes active if you're near a body of water with fish in them.

Your Fishing Badges

Your Fishing Stats

To view what fish you have successfully reeled in and the fish's stats, simply press B for your backpack. Then click on the house icon in the top right which will eventually lead to the Fish Icon. The Fish Basket will tell you what Fish you have and how much pounds they are. The Angler's Tome will tell you stats about each Fish you've caught. It will tell you how many you caught of that particular fish as well the least and best weight, so on, so on.

Got The Basics Down?

We now have an Advanced Fishing guide for you if you feel like you're ready for more!