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Guide to Pirate101 Combat

In the sheer ghostly moonlight, bright light bounces off the steel as swords clash, fighting for their lives and booty that they desperately need.



MONQUISTADORS - Mighty Little Monquistadors

Monquista is a growing power. Their fleet is still relatively small, but the steady flow of gold and timer from Skull Island keeps the Monquistan Navy growing steadily. Monquistan ships are rarely range far from home: Monquista and Skull Island are the only realms where they are likely to be met in numbers.

The Monquistans got their fill of naval battles in Polarian Wars, and are leery of overextending themselves - at least for now. Their ships are of high quality, but Monquista lacks the naval tradition of its rivals in Polaris, Valencia, and Marleybone - Monquistan commanders, with a few exceptions, are widely regarded as inexperienced and brash. Monquistan arrogance and bravado leads them to mount fierce, swift attacks with little provocation. Tensions between Monquista and Marleybone are steadily growing - war may be inevitable.




MARLEYBONE - The Royal Navy of Marleybone

The Royal Navy of Marleybone is an omnipresent force across the Spiral - the Queen's highest priority is her mercantile empire, which depends on the "wooden ships and iron Dogs" of the Navy of its very survival. Marleybone ships are stout and tough, and the Dogs are masters of tactics and gunnery.

With colonies in Skull Island, Darkmoor, and Krokotopia and trade agreements nearly everywhere else, protecting the flow of ships between colonies and especially through Stormgates is Marleybone's highest priority. Marleybone may not have the biggest fleet in the Spiral, but the Royal Navy is blessed with brilliant officers like Officer Gordon, The Commodore and Admiral Nelson - their military genius more that makes up for any numerical disadvantage. Marleybone was eager to maintain her alliance with Monquista and Valencia, but both those friendships seem to be quickly unraveling.



CUTTHROATS - Rogue Shark Pirates

When the Monquistans first came to Skull Island, the realm was home to dozens of bands of Shark Raiders, vicious warriors who raided ports throughout the Spiral. After years of hard battles, only one great Shark clan remains: the Cutthroats. Exposure to the sailors of distant lands has changed the Sharks - the brutes have becomes Shark Pirates, taking on Pirate dress and customs and trading their outriggers for stolen ships. Though they no longer have the numbers to raid other realms, the Cutthroats remain a threat in Skull Island, where Monquista and Marleybone remain unable to completely eradicate them.



THE RED CLAW GANG - Crab Thugs & Raiders

This band of Crab thugs and raiders has fallen on hard times. Once feared by navies and merchants from Valencia to MooShu, the Red Claw Gang recently met its match: not long back, their flagship was destroyed after a pitched battle with Captain Gordon, renowned Marleybonian Privateer. Stuck on Skull Island without a ship of their own, the villainous Crabs have taken up a life of robbery and intimidation, more bandits than Pirates now. 




One secret organization of smugglers, Pirates, and criminals controls the transport of Yum and Yum-Yum fruit from MooShu to the rest of the Spiral: the infamous syndicate dominated by the Frogfather. From his home in Gullet, the Frotfather runs a tight operation that controls most of the smuggling in Skull Island, and across the Spiral. Rare spices, Yum, and other contraband are the Frogfather's specialty. The Frogfather is fiercely loyal to his captains and terrible to his enemies. 




WHARF RAT PIRATES - The Infamous Wharf Rat Pack

The Isle of Scrimshaw is home to the Wharf Ras, a loose affiliation of criminal gang and crews including such infamous villians as the Bilge Rats, the Rats of Nim, and the Rat Pack. Bands of Rat Pirates roam the Skyways, raiding and stealing, but they rarely move in great numbers - the Rats are notoriously disorganized, and more likely to turn on each other than unite against a common foe. Every now and then a gang will make a power play, but for the most part the Wharf Rats remain an annoyance instead of a major threat, and have yet to wild much influence. 



WATER MOLES - The Nui & Waponi

Tribes of Water Moles dwell across Skull Island, living in their humble villages and plying the Skyways in their canoes. Since the coming of the colonial powers, their power is waning: many tribes are no more, and many others have given up their ancestral ways to serve the Monquisitans as miners and laborers. The two largest tribes that remain have responded to changing times in very different ways.  

The Nui: Residents of Rapa Nui, the Nui tribe are peaceful - they trade with everyone, offering rare herbs, fish, and potions in trade for the mystifying trinkets and baubles the big folk bring them from other realms. Jovial and friendly, the Nui are well-liked by traders and Pirates alike.

The Waponi: The Silver haired Water Moles who dwell at the foot of the great volcano Waponi Wu have renounced their traditional ways: they worship a fire god instead of their ancestors, and have taken up arms against everyone they see as intruders in their realm - essentially everyone. Their blood feuds with the Nui are ancient and legendary, but their hostility toward everybody else is no less intense.


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