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Exalted School Pets & Hybrids

Here are the Exalted School Pets which you get at Level 98, along with their Hybrids.

Fire School

Exalted Fire School Pet - Sun Serpent

Sun Serpent x Dryad = Tree Serpent

Sun Serpent x Li'l Medusa = Fabled Serpent

Ice School

Exalted Ice School Pet - Lord of Winter

Lord of Winter x Deep Leviathan = Lord of Spring

Lord of Winter x Sun Serpent = Lord of Summer

Lord of Winter x Sabertooth = Lord of Autumn

Storm School

Exalted Storm School Pet - Deep Leviathan

Deep Leviathan x Avenging Fossil = Chaos Leviathan

Deep Leviathan x Dryad = Eternal Leviathan

Deep Leviathan x Li'l Medusa = Dreaming Leviathan

Myth School

Exalted Myth School Pet - Li'l Medusa

Li'l Medusa x Deep Leviathan = Fulminating Medusa

Li'l Medusa x Sabertooth = Poised Medusa

Li'l Medusa x Lord of Winter = Shivering Medusa

Death School

Exalted Death School Pet - Avenging Fossil

Avenging Fossil x Sabertooth = Reanimated Fossil

Avenging Fossil x Sun Serpent = Charred Fossil

Avenging Fossil x Lord of Winter = Crystalline Fossil

Life School

Exalted Life School Pet - Dryad

Dryad x Sun Serpent = Burning Fossil

Dryad x Deep Leviathan = Windswept Dryad

Dryad x Avenging Fossil = Rotting Dryad

Balance School

Exalted Balance School Pet - Sabertooth

Sabertooth x Avenging Fossil = Forlorn Sabertooth

Sabertooth x Li'l Medusa = Mystic Sabertooth

Sabertooth x Dryad = Wild Sabertooth

Sabertooth x Lord of Winter = Frostfang