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Exalted Ice PvP Gear Guide

A PvP Guide from Soloin

The Blasted Frost Set Up

This setup is focused on Damage and perfection. This gear set will provide 100% accuracy, power pips, and damage with an awesome amount of resist left over and a TON of health.
In the end you should end up with:
Health: 6,438
Damage: 104%
Resist: 45%
Accuracy: 24%
Critical Block: 303
Critical: 124
Pierce: 11
Power Pips: 100%
Incoming/Outgoing: 15%/10%
Shadow Pip Bonus: 3%

The Gear You Will Need

1.) Hat: You're gonna need the "Hood of Arund Vale." If you don't have that, go with the Malistaire's dropped hat, "The Hood of the Cold Hearted." The hat is mainly supposed to be focused on damage. If you can find another hat that can sustain a bunch of damage, accuracy and power pips then that will do as well.
Hood of the Arund Vale:
Hood of the Cold Hearted:

2.) Robe: Now this is a MUST. You're gonna need the Malistaire's dropped Robe, The "Armor of the Cold Hearted." I say this because the robe is focused on the offensive as well as defense. Gives great accuracy, health, damage, and resist.
Armor of the Cold Hearted:

3.) Boots: You're gonna need as much block as possible and these are the best Ice boots you can find in game that can sustain that much block - the "Shoes of the Cold Hearted."
Shoes of the Cold Hearted:

4.) Wand: I would recommend the Beacon of the Arund Vale because Ice can't really critical on anyone first. And it also gives a GREAT damage boost.
If you don't own it, try going for the "Lunar scepter of Anubis," the "Misty Mountain Mandolin," "Teeth of the Lords Night," or anything with a massive amount of block.
Misty Mountain:
Teeth/Lords Night:
5.) Athame: You're going to need the Castle Darkmoor's dropped Athame, the "Wolfs Lancet of Shivers." Don't worry, if you don't have it, you can still go with the Cronus's dropped Athame, the "Blade of the Felled Titan."
Lancet of Shivers:
Felled Titan:

6.) Amulet: For the Amulet, I recommend the Morganthe Dropped Amulet, the "Gem of the Grand Prophecy." If you don't have that go for the Darkmoore-Dropped Amulet, the "Amulet of Neverwhere." If you don't have that go for the Hades Amulet, the "Amulet of Divine Influence."
Divine Influence:

7.) Ring: You're mainly going to need the "Duelists Daredevil Ring." If you don't have that you can go for the "Alpha and Omega Ring" and save up PvP tickets for the Daredevil Ring.
Alpha/Omega R:
Duelists DD:

8.) Deck: It does not matter which deck you pick, but if it gives you health and an extra pip then you're good.
Here are some I recommend:
Village of Carpathes Case:
Deck of Winter Shadows:

A Triple Damage & Double Resist Ice pet.

The Deck Set Up

Everyone plays differently. But, I like using a full damage deck with no heals. Here is an example of my deck set up.
If you still don't understand what you should be going with, feel free to check out my Youtube channel and watch my Ice's "Road to Leader Boards" series. There I will showing quite a bunch of Ice setups I made completely from scratch and a bunch of strategies. 
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Good Luck in your future PvP Matches!