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Guide to Emperor's Attic Pack

Sold for 399 Crowns In Crown Shop

Released 4/23/12

This pack has new interactive items along

with the amazing Tag Game, the first ever housing game!

This pack also provides new plants that will blow your socks off.


Tag Game

Great Moodha Booblehead

Death Oni Bobblehead

Stone Dog Statue

Bonsai Plant

Samoorai Statue

Vase Case

Dresser w/ Flowers

Hanging Flags

Torn Red Banner

Bright Red Banner

Red Clan Banner 

Diseased Mushrooms

Fall Tree

Fancy Bench

Stone Case

Table Chest

Round Gold Chest

Iron Tea Pot

Single Bed

Gold Dragon Throne 

Koi Pond

Frog Statue

Sky Painting

Tree Painting

Night Painting 

Weapon Rack

Soji Screen Rice Paper

Soji Screen Art

Haunted Monk Shrine

Haunted Samoorai Shrine

Haunted Imperial Shrine

Reed Fence

Gold Tori Gate

Dark Tori Gate

Golden Lion Statue

Potted Bamboo Pot

Lunar Obelisk

Wooden Headstone

MS Plague Theme

MS War Theme

Tall Blue Vase

Green Samoorai Armor

Red Samoorai Armor

Tan Samoorai Armor 

Yellow and Blue Chest

Moodha Bust

Red Stone Column

Pearl Orchid

Banking Table

Landscape Painting

Branch Painting 

Mossy Bamboo Obelisk

Hexagonal Stone Plaque

Fancy Lantern

Hooked Lantern

Long Lantern

Stone Marker

Tree Stage Set

Cloud Stage Set 

Indoor Shrine 

Interactive Items: 

Tag Game, Indoor Shrine, Silver Lantern, Koi Pond, Dresser w/ Flowers, Decorative Cannon, House Stage, Lion Cauldron, Bonsai Tree & Bobbleheads (Death Oni, Great Moodha, Ambrose, Moolinda)


Wavy Grass Flooring

Lavender Wallpaper

Dojo Screen Wallpaper

Spirit Sky Wallpaper 

Bamboo Wallpaper


Deadly Helephant Ears *Non Auction

Burning Snap Dragon