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The Leaders

Kelsey Fireheart


~ The Creator and Owner of Stars of the Spiral

~ SotS Graphics Designer

~ SotS & P101 Skyway Website Editor

~ Discovered the Fire Beetle Hybrid

~ Head Manager of SotS Forums

~ Administrator of Spiral Fun Spot


Jack Silversong


~ Stars of the Spiral Administrator

~ Guide Maker

~ Staff Supervisor

~ Graphics Designer

~ Contest Judge

~ HTML/Coding Assistant

~ Manager of SotS Forums

Our Team

Alexander Lionheart

SotS Chief Guide Editor
~ Runs the Spell & Power Card Maker

Cody Sundreamer

Sots Chief Image Editor
~ Edits various banners for the site

Tanner Frogbringer

SotS Forums Chief Moderator
~ Moderates the SotS Forums