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Guide to Companions

So you got your first Companion? Acck, now what? Fear not. Here's everything that you need to know about Companions.

To see your own companions, press B and click on the Horse Chess tab.

Yes I have a lot of companions lol! Okay here's a few things I wanna point out.

"First Mate" means the companion who will be with you at ALL times in and outside of fights.

See the percentages? Well, the higher they are, the more likely they will be in battle with you.

And yes Companions has their own class!

Lightning Bolt means you can teach them a new Talent.

Grey ! means there's a Promotion Quest for them.

Orange ! means there's a Promotion, but you have to pay with gold.

How do you get the promotions, abilities or talents?

You gotta train them with Companion Points that you earn throughout doing your Main and Side quests. 

There is up to 4 Promotion Quests for each companion which also teaches them new Abilities,

but you can teach new Talents more often than that and does not require Promotion quests.

You can see your Companion Points next to the book icon.

One thing: any Ability your Companions learns can be used only once per battle. So when picking it, be wise about it.

Abilities are what your Companion can do in battle.

They are essentially their cards of what you can make them do in battle.

Talents are your Companion Statistics.

There are three tiers to each talent that will add to your Character's Statistics.

Strength - Increases damage for melee weapons such as the Cutlass, Spears or Axes. When used against your enemy's strength in comparison, can add up to +25% bonus damage.

Agility - Increases damage for ranged weapons such as Pistols & Muskets and slashy weapons like Daggers. When used against your enemy's agility in comparison, can add up to +25% bonus damage.

Will - Increases damage for magical attacks and any Powers. It also can increase the effectiveness of voodoo powers that Witchdoctors typically useWhen used against your enemy's will in comparison, can add up to +25% bonus damage.

Accuracy - Increases the accuracy.

Dodge - Increases the chance of dodging an attack.

Armor - Will reduce the incoming Physical Attacks' damage such as slashing, impact and piercing damage.

Resistance - Will reduce the incoming Magical Attacks damage.

Damage - The Damage that your companion's attack could do.

Health - The amount of Health your Companion has.

Okay so your Companion has a new Talent, lets see what they are!

Lets pick Agile which will increase Agility. Ah it's 2nd tier of talent, so this time it will be +3 Agility.

Before this companion had 46 Agility.

After training, this companion now has 49 Agility.

Promotion #1

Promotion #2

Promotion #3

And with each Promotion, your Companion looks a bit different. Notice the hat?

You're all set! Good Luck!