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Pet Badges

Frontier Drifter

Explore 21 important areas located around Cool Ranch 

Location: Cooper's Roost, Bison Burial Ground (dungeon), Elder Bluff, Bison Village, Scorpion Rock, Gold Creek, Boot Hill (dungeon), Santo Pollo, Banditoad Trail, Castillo Sapo (dungeon), Isla de los Muertos, Tumbleweed, Traveling Medicine Show, The Old Chirp Place (dungeon), The Old Jail House (dungeon), Junction, Arroyo Grande (both sides, east and west), Fort McMurtry, Miranda (dungeon), The Motherlode Mine (dungeon)

Reward: White-Tailed Jackalope

Savior of MooShu

Stop Moo Manchu's evil plot!

Location: Tomb of Kow Cheng, Sacred Mountain, 


Reward: Celestial Dragon