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Aztecan Builder's Bundle

Available at Gamestop for $39.00

Serpentine Escape

This brand new bundle is now available at GameStop for $39.
It comes with its own Arcane House, but with the Azteca look. It also comes with a super cute raptor mount and an unbelievable toucan pet that you will have to have! Of course, as always, it comes with a fantastic new gear and wand along with a shield.

The house is called Serpentine Escape. It's also an Arcane House, so that means you can tear the houses down and rebuild it into your wildest fantasy! The house even includes beautiful fountains. There are secret rooms and passageways. It's a house that acts like a maze. If you go in, you might not get out. Even a friend said, "This is a house I can easily get lost in!"

Feathered Raptor

40% Extra Speed

Single player only


Toucan't Pet

TOUCAN'T go wrong with this adorable little pet!

Help Needed With The Toucan't Talents & Derby

I would thank our Contributors for their incredible help with filling in the Touscan't talent and derby slots. Without their help, this wouldn't be possible.

Jack Silversong, Dylan, ChrissyTheBlesser, Chris Drakeflame, Nash, Sean Redhammer, Destiny Rain, Robert Skullseeker and Mackenzie

Talents of the Toucan't
 Derbies of the Toucan't
Stun Resistant
Oil Slick
Grass Post
Fire Assailant
No Passing
Incredibly Infallible
Health Bounty
Big Downer
Ardent Amplifier

The Gear

Wild Wing Attire

Wild Wing Axe and Shield