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Azteca Badges

Aztecosaur Hunter

Defeat 50 Parasaurs


Defeat 100 Parasaurs

Scourge of Scales

Defeat 200 Parasaurs

Dino Hunter

Defeat 50 Raptors

Dino Trapper

Defeat 100 Raptors

Dino Devastator

Defeat 200 Raptors

Prehistoric Pugilist

Defeat 50 Tritops

Primeval Purger

Defeat 100 Tritops

Primordial Foe

Defeat 200 Tritops

Azteca Explorer

Complete Zeke's Azteca UFO Quest

Lord/Lady of the Falling Sky

Complete the Xibalba dungeon in Twin Giants

Ward Against Blight

Complete the House of Flowers in Cloudburst Forest

Master of the Jungle

Complete the Xibalba dungeon in Twin Giants

Dino Eradicator

Kill 200 Raptors, Parasaurs and Tritops