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Avalon Statues

Avalon Statue

Fox Head Statue

Dropped by

Kiva White Talon; The Wild

Death Seraph; The Wyrd

Horned Brocket; Outer Yard

Strangler Goblins & Foul Skirkers; Lake Shore

Grim Seraph, Dragon Spawn & Corpse Lantern; The Catacombs

Disloyal Knight & Sir Malory, Ghost Avalon; The Catacombs

Sworn Knight & Great Horned Knight; Keep of Ganelon, The Outer Yard

Dropped by

Morag Bloodtine; Caer Lyon

Spriggan; The Wild

Disloyal Knights & Death Seraphs; The Wyrd 

Trendkill Pantera & Horned Brockets; Outer Yard

Foul Skirkers, Stag Chargers & Strangler Goblins; Lake Shore

Dragon Spawn; Crystal Caverns, The Catacombs 

Disloyal Knights; Ghost Avalon, The Catacombs

Hart Lancers; Keep of Ganelon, Outer Yard

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