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Archmage School Hybrids

Here are the Hybrids from the Archmage School Pets which you get at Level 78.

Guide Helpers: Box Of Frogs


Archmage Fire School Pet

Efreet Hybrids


Efreet x Mammoth



Efreet x Triton

Efreet x Basilisk


Archmage AIce School Pet

Mammoth Hybrids

Plains Mammoth

Mammoth x Gnome

Desert Mammoth

Mammoth x Chimera


Archmage Storm School Pet

Triton Hybrids

Arctic Triton

Death Triton

Triton x Mammoth

Triton x Bone Dragon

Mythical Basilisk

Archmage Myth School Pet

Mythical Basilisk Hybrids

Tundra Basilisk

Basilisk x Mammoth

Cyclone Basilisk

Void Basilisk

Basilisk x Triton

Basilisk x Bone Dragon

Forest Basilisk

Desert Basilisk

Basilisk x Gnome

Basilisk x Chimera


Archmage Life School Pet

Gnome Hybrids

Fire Gnome

Gnome x Efreet

Rain Gnome

Gnome x Triton

Graveyard Gnome

Desert Gnome

Gnome x Bone Dragon

Gnome x Chimera

Bone Dragon

Archmage Death School Pet

Mammoth Hybrids

Magma Dragon

Glacier Dragon

Bone Dragon x Efreet

Bone Dragon x Mammoth


Archmage Balance School Pet

Chimera Hybrids

Infernal Chimera

Chimera x Efreet

Oblivion Chimera

Tempest Chimera

Chimera x Bone Dragon

Chimera x Triton