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The 4 Dungeons' New Pets

- Tstusui, Final Boss, Pagoda of Harmony

Red Panda - Secret Room, Pagoda of Harmony

Cloud Colossus - Temple Phantom, Hollow Mountain (Secret Boss)

Ninja Piggle - Master Tonkatsu, Final Boss, Hollow Mountain

Clockwork Paladin - Noxious Gas Golem, Main Hall, Barkingham Palace

Dapper Corgi - Billy The Cutter, State Hall, MB (Secret Boss)

*Also can be bought in Crown Shop*

Sailback Stink - In'Zhizor, Lower Zigazag, Secret Boss

Ash Spider - In'Zhizor, Lower Zigazag, Secret Boss

Fabled Grimorie - Kus'bhid, Toll House, Lower Zigazag

Firestorm Quetzal - Moh'Lharz, Lower Zigazag

Whirlwind Grimorie - Moh'Lharz, Lower Zigazag

Sorcerer Hunter - Apep the Shaky One, House of Scales, Upper Zigazag

Blood Hound - Ammit The Devourer, House of Scales, Upper Zigazag

Rooted Grimoire - Izft, House of Scales, Upper Zigazag

Hunter's Hound - Howling Chaney, Castle Darkmoor's First Dungeon

Soulful Knight - Sir Blackwater, Castle Darkmoor's First Dungeon

Beguiled Gargoyle - Bunferatu, Castle Darkmoor (Secret Boss)

Forgotten Grimoire - Castle Darkmoor

Incendiary Grimoire - ?

Verglas Grimoire - ?

Just an extra note for the new pets that are NOT dropped in the 4 Dungeons

Fire Elf - Sold in Pet Pavilion

Cyclops - Sold in Pet Pavilion

Royal Ibis - Sold in Crown Shop