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Wizard101 Quote of the Month:

"If You Seek Adventure, Just Pick Up A Wand!"

-Kelsey Fireheart

Brand New Bunny Mounts!


For the first time, we have Bunny Mounts! Not only that, for the first time, a permanent mount is being dropped. Watch the video above for more details!

Eggbert Is Back!

Eggbert is back in the Shopping District of Wizard101, selling his usual Easter wares as well as the Pet Egg! Don't forget to check out the Bunny Costume in Crown Shop!

Khrysalis Part 2 Is Here!

New Spells, Pets & Features! We can now enter Khrysalis Part 2 and finish the major story arc against Morganthe! Arm yourselves and CHARGGGGGGGGGGE!

Mount-A-Plooza 2014


New Mighty Steed Mount


This mount has now left the spiral for better pastures.


New Khrysalis Weapons In Crown Shop

It is being sold for 5k Crowns. It comes with no stats at all, so you can stitch it just for looks.


Wizard101 Events & Promotion Sales

Tuesday, Sep 2 All Day
Wednesday, Dec 17 All Day
Thursday, Dec 25 All Day
Thursday, Jan 1 All Day