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Pirate101 Quote of the Month

"Don't walk or run into battle.. JUMP right in!"

-Kelsey Fireheart

Be festive for Easter! Have your own little Marshadillow or colored Jackalopes. Even better, get a buffaloon that looks like an colored polka dotted egg! To get one, just buy one in the Crown Shop.

New Mighty Steed Mount


New Updates Coming Soon To Pirate101!


Advanced Companion System

Brand new changes will be coming soon to your Companions! We will be able to send them off on missions, get new companions and be able to use your companions in a new way!

Advanced Pet System

Your pets will now have their own Powers and Talents that you can train them up for. Not only that, you can mix, raise and make pets that suits your needs. And that's not all! You will be able to pet pvp which will help you earn unique pet gear and more!


Pirate101 Events &
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Tuesday, Sep 2 All Day
Wednesday, Dec 17 All Day
Thursday, Dec 25 All Day
Thursday, Jan 1 All Day