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Pirate101 Quote of the Month

There ain't such a thing as too many pets.

-Kelsey Fireheart

In Other Pirate101 News...

Test Realm is Up!

We now can enter Nefarious Tower in Mooshu!

Not only that, there's TONS of new changes and updates to the game. 

Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgust Events from Pirate101

It's Shark Week and Pirate101 is celebrating with all things Sharky!

Save 25% OFF Cutthroat Bundle
Save on this epic Shark bundle with the Sharktooth Ship, Cutthroat Companion, Castaway Island House and much, much more! This sale is not applicable to gift certificates.
Earn Crowns with Shark Trivia!
Don't forget about earning Crowns through trivia on FreeKI Games. We've even added a brand new shark trivia which can get your Pirate 10 Crowns with a score of 75% or higher!

During Arrrgust's Shark Week, you can save up to 50% OFF shark items in the Crown Shop!

  • Hammerhead Mount (Permanent)
  • Fin Dorsal*
  • El Tiburon*
  • Sharktooth Rudder
  • Hammerhead Shark Pet
  • Thresher Shark Pet
  • Stormtiger Shark Pet
  • Mordekai's Portrait
* These Companions are unlocked in the Crown Shop as you progress through the game. 

Pirate101 is giving a free item away with a chance to win a permanent Hammerhead Shark Mount. You could get a mount rental, housing item, pet snack or the permanent mount!

All Shark Week promotions end Sunday, August 17th at 11:59PM CT.

Design Your Own Eye Patch Contest

For the first week of August, Pirate101 has a "Design Your Own Eye Patch Contest!"

If you win first place, you could win 60k Crowns!

1 Grand Prize Winner:
60,000 Crowns
5 Runner Up Winners:
Choice of Hoodoo or Empire Bundle
5 Honorable Mentions:
10,000 Crowns

Only one entry per account. Contest ends August 29th, 2014 and winners will be announced and prizes sent out through the first week of September.

**You can print out eyepatch templates at:**


New Combo Game Card from Dollar General!

Yep, you now can get a cool combo game card from Dollar General! You can get crowns for either or both game as well as membership for either game. Not only that, you will get a pet in BOTH games! How cool is that?!

Stormtiger Shark Is Here!!

Have you been waiting for a pet who will shock your enemies into submission?! Well you can now get a chance to own one - the Stormtiger Shark! You can find him in the Crown Shop. But if you're low on crowns, I'm sure you can find a friend with one to hatch with!

New Stuff in Crown Shop!

The Mechanical Owl pet is finally available for Pet Morphers to have! You can get one for 2,500 crowns. It's a pretty low price for an super awesome pet! Not only that, the Daisy Eyepatch is also here for the summer. It only costs 100 crowns. Sweet deal!

The Pet Pavilion is here! You now can morph, train and make your pets to be even better crew mates! There's also new Presidio quests that gives an awesome story lines as well as new bosses to farm who drops unique stuff. We now can preview houses without having to ask someone to let us look at theirs before buying one. We also are able to get a new class companion for each class! And best of all, we can finally leave our pets and mounts at our houses!

There's a new mysterious tower in Paths of Penance, Subata Skyway, Mooshu with TEN floors!

Could it be a brand new dungeon for high level pirates? If so, what could the bosses drop? It should be EPIC!


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