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Quest & Badge Crown Companions

The following Companions will show up in Crown Shop once you complete the quests or acquired a badge.

After The Fight With Ratbeard

Location: The Cellar at Kraken Skulls Tavern

Quest: A Fishy Business / Badge: Manini

Location: Rapu Nu, Skull Island Skyway

Quest: One Eyed Jacks Are Wild

Location: One Eyed Jack, Flotsam, Skull Island

Quest: The Gold Human

Location: Gold Mine, Skull Island

Quest: The Soggy Crusade / Badge: Soggy Scallywag

Location: Tetu-Poto, Gold Mine, Skull Island

Quest: Hear No Evil, See No Evil

Location: St. Bonobo's Abbey, Monquista

Badge: Order of St. Dorotea

Location: Diablo's Cut, Monkey's Paw, Monquista

The Fruit of Creation

Location: Zenda, Monsquista

Quest: In Sickness And Health / Badge Ornithologist

Location: St. Bonobo's Abbey, Monsquista

Quest: A Chill Wind

Location: Ruined Lighthouse, Skull Island

Quest: A Deadly Catch

Location: Nikolaus Amarillo, Gold Mine, Skull Island

Quest: The Great Infestation

Location: Strong John Silver, Gullet, Jonah Town, Skull Island

Badge: Lord of the Apes

Badge: Best Chum/Quest:  Them Rats of Nim

Location: Temple of the Golden Monkey 

Location: Scrimshaw

Quest:  The Road Ahead

Location: Scurvy Dog Hideout

             Badge: Troggy Chief Tamer

Location:  Sacrifice Cave

Badge:  TubThumper

Location: Waponi Wu Volcano 

Quest: Saving What Remains

Quest: The Resistance Lives On!

Location: Grancia, Valencia

Location: Captain Steed's Villa, Valencia

Badge: Ghost Buster

Quest: Save Those Jolly Ranchers!

Location: Miranda, Cool Ranch

Location: Arroyo Grande, Cool Ranch


Quest: Saving Corporal Sanders

Location: Hidden Ranch Valley, Cool Ranch

Nurse Quinn

Quest: To The Rescue!

Location: Elder Bluff, Cool Ranch

Quest: Hunter Hunting

Quest: Curses!

Location: Santa Pollo


Location: Santa Pollo

Toreador Novilleo

Quest: There Goes The Bride

Location: Santa Pollo

Froggo Villa

Quest: Bust 'em Out!

Location: Castillo Sapo, Cool Ranch

Badge: Bat Lasher

Location: Cool Ranch

Quest: Bitter Venom

Location: Isla de los Muertos, Cool Ranch

Quest: Black Storm Rising

Location: Scorpion Rock, Cool Ranch

Quest: True Love Truimphs?

Location: Tomb of the de La Vegas, Boot Hill, Cool Ranch

Quest: Upon Our Prey We Steal

Location: Port Regal, Skull Island

Quest: Pugilistic Integrity

Quest: Jail Break!

Location: Traveling Medicine Show, Cool Ranch

Location: Frogerale Compound, Santa Pollo

Quest: Relic of a Restless Spirit

Quest: Range War!

Location: Santa Pollo

Location: Tumbleweed

Completed: Showdown/The Payback

Location: Tumbleweed

Buffalo Bill

Quest: The Ringleader

Jim Masterson

Corporal Sanders

Quest: The Shadow of Death

Quest: Blood's Own Hand

Location: Isla de la Muertos

Mustang Sally

Location: Santo Pollo

Quest: Steal From The Rich

Quest: Yak Where We Belong

Location: Rokuagara Island


Location: Rokuagara Island

Quest: Dead To Rights

Location: Sujiwaga Village, Mooshu


Inoshishi Necromancer

Quest: Shogun Wedding

Quest: That Was Yesterday

Location: Rokuagara Island

Location: Rokuagara Island

Quest: Turnabout

Badge: Doctor's Officer

Location: Rokuagara Island

Quest: Turnabout

Location: Rokuagara Island 

Quest: This Little Piggy

Horse Crossbowman